The Meaning of Life, and all that.

Defining the Principal Questions,

in Honour of Douglas Adams.

Dedicated to Joel, who was a thinker.

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How does anybody start with an essay on the subject of “What is the Meaning of Life”? The Question here has to be known to be one of the heaviest in Western philosophy and – in that – we welcome people to put forward their own opinions and their own answers to the issues we put forward in this essay, and we welcome people to join our religious view. This essay is only our own opinion as to the question here, although this statement does aim to say that there can be only one answer.

As for being the High Priest for The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth, I still stand in that role; although I have recently become a part of the communion of the local Church. Finding the answer as to What is the Meaning of Life has convinced me that the God who created everything on Earth, actually wants the destruction of the Galaxy. I’ll explain my reasoning for this as this essay continues.

So it’s the big question, really. The philosophical “big one” – the question that has always been considered the most important and most difficult to consider if we are to know the Cosmos as philosophers. It is, admittedly, one fucking difficult question. That justifies this essay, then, as to the perspective of The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth as a new contemporary religious view.

The whole point in answering this, then, is that we must define our terms. What does this question mean in the first place? This then brings us to the next great philosophical statement; “I think therefore I am”.

In this discussion, the idea is that if Mankind is conscious, then we must have some purpose in that we all know that what we are is seen in terms of how we experience. We are different from the can lying on the street, because when we are in that position, we know that we are in that position. The can is different – it is an object – it does not know that it is sitting on cold pavement. So it is logical to ask ourselves why are we here? If we experience then there must be a meaning as to why we are here and aware of our own nature as experience?

Surprisingly – and having really thought this through – I think the answer to the question is quite straightforward. It’s one of those things; once you regard it as being the case that the Illuminati are part of the Church, it’s then always been obvious as fact. But I’d like to discuss a number of points before getting directly to discussing this.

In answering the Cosmic question as to “What is the Meaning of Life?” the most difficult question to the philosopher is: What does this question actually mean? Not in itself an easy question, either. It is human nature to see things in these terms, and in terms of the way human nature interprets different situations, this is one very, very, bizarre concept to come to grips with.

The local Church wanted to brainwash more converts, so they put on a course of religious conversion called “The Alpha Project”. This conversion Project put forward their ideas under which to convert with the statement “The Meaning of Life is...?” I ended up debating the idea with them, and have since agreed to be an honest following member of their religious congregation.

Highbury Church of St John opened their Project as part of a national Church campaign who put their part in the Spectacle by asking this question. They advertised the course as being an open discussion of the question, with nothing to do with Christian indoctrination coming into it. The actual fact of the Alpha Course was that it was the most full on religious brainwashing imaginable. Churches were bannered with huge tarpaulins with the question daubed across them. The idea was basically to get people into Churches with the offer of serious philosophical debate, and then brainwash them into the Christian religion.

These banners had been up for months, and most people had walked past with the idea of some Christian madness being part of the scene, and literally ignored it. Some people had daubed the number “42” across it, and one of them had the statement that the Meaning of Life was “love Sophie”. I thought that this might have been the most inspired answers I had ever heard. So this statement started me thinking about the number Forty Two and the Church. These ideas led me to be writing this essay.

This idea links back to the idea about the Meaning of Life as a concept that needs to be defined.

In honouring Douglas Adams, the point is that the concept here has not been defined by modern society. It has been the case that the only answer to this question, before considering religion, in the history of Western postmodern society, has been the answer, “Forty Two”.

This idea is from the classic spoof on space opera written by Douglas Adams, as everyone will know, The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. After the destruction of the Earth, the only human survivor travels the Cosmos without any philosophical purpose or even direction, before approaching the answer to the ultimate question.

After quite some time in story terms, involving some paranoia with a coffee machine and Marvin the Paranoid Android, the hero of our story comes across some Universalist religious cult. The project of this religion was to build an enormous super-computer which, after millions of years, was supposed to have explored the Cosmos in order to answer this, as being the greatest question available to understanding. The point to The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy is that this Supercomputer at some point went wrong; the result being that – after millions of years with this being a religious issue – the answer delivered by the Supermind, was “Forty Two”. This having been defined as the only time that the question has ever been properly answered in Western postmodern culture, most people’s answer if posed with the question since this statement, has been to answer “Forty Two”, and then to continue to ignore it.

But if we’re going to consider the answer to this in a serious context, this does not answer the question. The “Forty Two” issue raises the point that there hasn’t been a proper answer to this in a contemporary philosophical setting. After some long periods of philosophical thought, then, I came to be asking this question myself because I have come to accept a serious way of looking at this issue as the most important concept in theory.

With the above now having been considered in questioning issues such as What is the Meaning of Life, an idea came to me that I consider a serious answer. If we are to consider this question in terms of how we are aware of our own experience, we then HAVE to ask ourselves at some point in our lives, as to ARE WE CREATED BY A GOD? The answer to our question can be considered, if you accept this, as being nearly as simple as that.

The view of The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth is that all World religions stand as one religious statement; and that this in itself does stand as evidence that there IS a divine entity that is a creating God. Those who are familiar with our work will understand our view that all religion makes one statement. Our previous essay, ‘Religion and The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth’ is dedicated to discussing this idea, so I’ll not go into the idea too much here. The idea though, is that all religious dogma can be interpreted as being one single issue, so therefore The Cult of R’Lyeh can take The Necronomicon as our religious Book, as being equal to The Torah, The New Testament of The Bible, etc. and so forth. It is relevant at this point, then, that in defining the Meaning of Life, we should discuss our concept of how God and how World religions work in context with the existence of the human race.

We’ve previously discussed our ideas as to how most religious Books start with The Five Books of Moses. Those that don’t also have equal religious justifications, and people such as Douglas Adams also come into the equation. If you read these religious statements, what they discuss is actual historical fact (with certain exceptions coming into the statement – The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy is obviously fiction), with this being important as documenting humanities actual and historical interaction with God. This is important in that this interaction with God is fucking serious in the history of humanity, this being the reason as to why the religious Books exist. Which brings us back to our original question. What is the Meaning of Life?

Life must have a “meaning” because mankind is a conscious, and intelligent, thinking entity of the Cosmos. And if this means that it is instinctive to ask “why are we here?” our answer to this question is, we believe, justified with the answer that THE MEANING OF LIFE IS THAT IT PROPOSES A VIEW TO HUMANITY THAT THERE IS A CREATING GOD. So with that defined, the issue now is to debate the question, are we created, or are we intelligent because we are the creation of millions of years of chance and scientific coincidence? Another question. The Cult of R’Lyeh therefore look at the World’s religions, and in context with our last essay – Religion and The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth – we believe that the religious Books combine to prove that there is a creating God of Earth. Not only that, but God’s interaction with mankind is documented here as being fact. This is the reason why the religious Books stand in society as being so important, and is the reason why they also exist as documenting the history of mankind as created by God in the first place.

Religion and The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth properly discusses our religious ideas, but some issues are further discussed here in this context and in aspect with this essay. If we are answering the question as to the Meaning of Life here, the answer would be that if we could prove that there is a God, and if we could prove that we are put on Earth by that God, then it is logical that we must have been put on Earth to do His work. Amazing! We’ve been through some of the oldest philosophical and religious questions, and we’ve come full circle. The Meaning of Life is that there is a creating God, we were put on this Planet by that God, and we are here to do His work. At this point it is obvious that the answer to this question has always been defined. The religions of the World have always given us this answer. Therefore all of this at this point comes together. We have answered our question with all of the above having been defined as the earliest and most basic principals of human understanding and thought.

The Cult of R’Lyeh believe that God works in specific ways, however. Without going into too much detail as to how we believe in a Mythos of a large number of very weird Gods, we believe that the “God” of humanity is an actual and physical manifestation. God is not some mystical force of abstract esoteric occult that cannot be easily comprehended by the human mind; but is an actual manifestation who arrives in situations such as ancient Egypt and who talks to elect human prophets such as Moses and Mohammed. People wouldn’t be wrong to assume that The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth have some seriously strange religious views, but we believe (for certain specific reasons) that God ‘appeared’ to the Jews in Egypt as a Black Pharoh in superhuman form. We believe that if anyone were to meet with God in this context, then this is how they would see Him, and that this can be understood in aspect of some very weird religious study.

To continue this idea further, with this answering the question, then in defining the Meaning of Life in this context, then if we are created by a God to uphold a specific manifest assignment, then the Meaning of Life is that we are created by a God, and that we are here to uphold a specific mission on Earth. Which means that we can wrap this idea up here. If we can define why we are here on Earth, we have defined the answer to our question. If we are created by a God, then does that in itself define what is the Meaning of Life, if we can reason the question in terms of considering the questions put forward by religion?

Unfortunately, things at this point begin to become less well defined. The problem with this question must be, then, if most World religions are at war, is that because God does not seem to have defined His terms all that clearly? One thing that is clear, though, is that most religions state that there is a creating God, and that His intellect is obviously quite huge. However. Religion also accepts that “God moves in mysterious ways”, and in this religions differentiate as to the reasons for our creation on Earth.

It is my view that the mind of God is also quite strange, and that He does not think like the human animal must. How could a God who “led the Jews out of slavery in Egypt”, also sit and accept the gassing of millions of Jews in Nazi Germany in the 1940s? God is incredibly weird, but He appears and speaks to Mankind in actual and physical terms.

So, we’ve established now that humankind are created by God (if you accept this). We are on Earth to worship a creating God and to physically uphold a purpose as the reason for our existence. So what is the ultimate achievement of humanity? What are we actually here to do, if it can be accepted that humanity exist as an act of creation?

The answer is obviously that humanity cannot clearly define this, because God has never actually told us. But the human race is also an acutely intelligent, and also very evil, manifestation of the act of divine creation.

From Nuclear Power Generators to breaking the speed of light, the technological achievements of humankind are advanced. Most of us own a computer that interprets Stonehenge to process billions of pieces of data in a millionth of a second. There are so many holographic discs that they’ve become a point of human evolution. Nuclear war can potentially destroy our part of space in less than a minute. It could be argued that none of this would have happened without the Garden of Eden; but if God is going to leave Space Probes lying about, then that actually is up to Him.

If you’ve been following the logic so far, we’ve now defined ourselves as being conscious because we are intelligent and because we are here to serve a creating God. We continue that in terms of being created by that God, human kind has been created as being instinctively evil.

Does the train of logic follow, then, that the mind of God is not so straightforward, and that mankind was created for some massive and Cosmological act of destruction? Does it here follow that if God wanted to destroy the entire Galaxy, then He would have created mankind in order for us to do this on His behalf? Is it here defined that religion therefore makes this statement?

As we say, the human race is a highly evil and intelligent creation. Our history on Earth is both of these, and there seems to be no limit to what humanity can achieve. I don’t know really how to relay this idea but – at risk of being abducted by people from UFOs – it really doesn’t take much reasoning to comprehend that the human animal could quite easily destroy the Galaxy if that were our assignment, then, as being an intelligent creation.

It is the concept here, then, in context with everything so far having been written, that the purpose of humanity is to destroy the Galaxy in the name of this purpose on Earth as the intelligent creation of God. Humanity are, as stated, highly intelligent, but we were also created as being intrinsically evil. All of this is the deliberate intention of this creating God, and the Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth here announce that we therefore accept and worship this God who created us as intelligent, to destroy the Galaxy as to the extent of our divinity of worship, as we stand as a new religious cause to uphold these beliefs in the name of this Worship. In summing up, it is hereby upheld as reasoned that God has created mankind, and we will ultimately uphold our purpose as His creations when we have successfully ended the Galaxy. It is defined as being reasoned, then, that this ultimate goal must be our entire purpose if we are to uphold our divinity of Worship.

Defining this is religious enlightenment to ourselves, as the Cult who set up to demand that Cthulhu be worshipped on Earth. What this means to us as religious, is that the Fall from Grace must have been Lucifer in voicing His divine objection to this as the purpose of God. If religion is to understand insanity, then, Lucifer must therefore stand as the Saviour of the Cosmos, if there is one, because He was cast down for objecting to the absolute destruction of all life and of creation. The Cult of R’Lyeh must uphold the Worship of God, though, because if He is all powerful, then the destruction of the Galaxy will ultimately happen.

The Cult of R’Lyeh, then stand to threaten the destruction of the Galaxy as the absolute reason for creation. The followers of the Cult of R’Lyeh will attain the highest level of eternal bliss in successfully instigating the ultimate act of Worship in destroying everything that exists. In absolute blood we will stand at the Courts of Heaven, accepted as the personal Children of God.

Which brings us full circle, really. Now new discoveries, nothing new really having been defined. The whole of humanity have always known and upheld the Meaning of Life without properly acknowledging it, with Douglas Adams humorously having thrown in the answer ‘42’. Religious questions answered; the answers here being what we’ve been told by World religions all of the way since the beginning.

So, as a result of all of this – including the Alpha Course held at the local Church – I’ve decided to become devout as the congregation of that Church. God has by implication demanded that the Galaxy be destroyed, and now I worship Him devoutly towards these ends. The Christian Church have converted me then. Let the Heavens be open to me who stands to Worship the single creating and all powerful destroying God. AMEN.

Tim Thompson

High Priest for The Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth

The VIRUS Group