In defining the term “Psychoparmaceuticology”, the first point to discuss might be the meaning of the term, its definition, and its implications as something that should be proposed as a new branch of medical science. If Pharmaceuticology in itself could be considered the science of creating and testing new medicines, then here we are defining our own terms. Psychopharmaceuticology is here defined as the creation, and research into, new forms of recreational and “designer” drugs, for the use of the person to have fun.

In recent media history, cannabis was re-categorised from being a “class C” drug, to being “class B”. This classification was not based on any medical research; it was not found that cannabis was any more dangerous than it was previously thought. This re-classification was based on its use as a recreational drug in society, as part of the authority imposed by the state against those who wish to use the drug for worship and to get high.

It is in situations such as this that we demand the legalisation of Psychopharmacueticology as a new branch of medicine. We are living in a society in which the use of recreational drugs is persecuted by authority. In recent weeks before the writing of this essay, another two recreational “chemical drugs” were banned: a kneejerk reaction from authority to reinforce their position of power against the working people if we are to have fun.

But the creation of new chemical highs should not be considered ‘negative’, as the media and Spectical propaganda see it to be. The subject of this essay is to propose that the creation of such drugs as this should be considered a new medical science. We propose that there should be a branch of medicine that we would name “Psychopharmaceuticology”. The creation and testing of new ways to get out of it, and enjoy the experience of drugs to get high.

Psychiatry is the point in question. Since the invention of Largactil in the 1950s to the invention of LSD, thousands of psychoactive medicines have been created and tested – usually on animals – and forced down the necks of the mentally ill. This is usually without consent, and usually with quite serious side effects as the inherent effect of these drugs.

But if the constant creation of new psychoactive drugs can be so well researched, then why not research new ways to get high? Whilst new medical drugs come onto the market nearly every week, then why not the creation of new chemical highs? Chemicals such as Largactil are a fact of life for psychiatric patients; a drug created from certain base chemicals, of course. But drugs created from cannabis – for example – created with the concept of creating a better high than just smoking the stuff, are not researched by medicine. Such drugs are not manufactured or released on to the market for the use of the working people. We regard this as an issue of control.

It is our belief and proposal, therefore, that this research should be taken more seriously, and that this, as a new branch of medicine, should be called “Psychoparmaceuicology”. The creation of better forms of chemical highs.

The point to prevent this study – which should, we believe – be a complete and accepted concept in medicine, is obvious. Those in charge do not want the working people to get high. These people impose their authority and controlling the use of drugs in society is how they do this. To create better and better drugs with Cocaine as their base – for example – is easily possible, and such drugs should be available to everyone for use as a recreational high, should the working people choose to do so.

There’s no point in asking the control freaks who run our society to allow us this, though. We have to fight for the civil rights we can take from the ruling classes. If this is part of the revolutionary cause, then we have to demand the small freedoms that we are given by the state. A free society is what we stand to achieve if the study of better and better chemical highs is what we demand. Medical science is capable of offering us this, and the scope for this as a study is huge if Psychiatry is capable of creating the huge plethora of drugs that are dealt to numb the mental traction of mental “illness”.

Therefore, the point of this essay is to declare our point as the revolutionary / guerrilla cause. The study of Psychopharmaceuticology could diagnose the potential dangers of such drugs – if they should exist – such as the possibility of a bad trip on LSD, and situations could be set up whereby all drugs could be used safely. But those who have power will not allow this to happen. It has to, therefore, be considered as part of the revolutionary issue, that if the Underground operates around the appreciation of drugs, that this should be our demand. Heroin is a drug that is prescribed by medicine under their own terms, and therefore could just as easily be given for the purposes of getting out of it, but within the context of this branch of medical philosophy, whilst accounting for the risks of chemical addiction.

To conclude this statement, as being more of a conceptual issue than a demand, it is our philosophy (within this concept), that those who control the System, are doing so to prevent us from having a good time. The establishment of Psychopharmaceuticology, then, has to be demanded at the point of a gun. If the revolution is going to take place, tthen we must consider this to be an issue of our emancipation to be taken.

The legalisation of Psychopharmaceuticology is therefore our demand. We demand that it be the case that chemical and Pharmacuetical drugs are researched for the purposes of society to have fun. The control and persecution of ways to get high must be opposed if the people are to be free. We issue this statement, then, as a demand for the freedom and progress of a free society. End the authority of the Psychiatric medical syringe.

Tim Thompson

High Priest for The Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth

The VIRUS Group