The Religious Views of the e-publishing Cult:

The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth.



The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth are a new religous movement established in Britain, who believe that we are arguing for one religious truth. The main religious movements in the World in the current era all have a number of points in common. The most of them seem to be represented by their own religious books, and the most of them seem to have their own religious prophets. The Cult of R’lyeh take this as a point that one religious view is not truth to the exception of all others. We believe that the World religions are equal, but we take The Necronomicon as our religious book. The essays given with this Website, then, are the religious views of the Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth, and how our views are upheld in this context.

The history of capitalism in the Western World dictates that – by and large – if a written document is produced, then it has to be sold. This is due to the nature of our society involving publishing costs, postage costs, publicity costs and so forth. In recent years, though, this has changed. Internet technology means that a document can now be sent via Cyberspace very easily, and be virally re-produced to meet a mass audience at no cost at all.

This works for us as the first e-publishing cult. The nature of religious literature needing to meet an audience has always meant that giving it out for free should be the tactic of a religious cause – people are much more likely to read stuff and be converted by stuff they have had not to pay for. Cyberspace would work for the Cult of R’Lyeh, in this respect, and so here we establish ourselves as the first e-publishing cult; in order to disseminate the religious statements that are upheld as our statement as religious, and which are discussed as follows:


Being the first statement of philosophy to be issued by the Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth, this documents the history of God and religion – as we see it – and our interpretation of the Worlds religious views. The ideas of our religion are discussed here in full, as we define all religion as one statement of truth under the worship of the Great Old Ones as the actual existence of truth.


People have set out to discredit the Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth, as our ideas are set out as being straightforward truth. This essay clearly discusses “the meaning of life” – as being obvious as defined by the worship of a God in most religions. We credit Douglas Adams as given the only relevant answer to the question in the history of our society. This is – we believe – to date the only serious statement to properly define the question on valid philosophical terms.


This third statement is the political statement of the Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth. It is our view that society must exist to enjoy ourselves, and that research into new chemical highs must be legalised as the religious emancipation of human consciousness.




As one last sstatement, this briefly discusses the question as to did God create the Cosmos, on literal terms, and is there serious religious evidence to answer this question? Cause for serious debate? The religious arguments of the Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth go further than the three essays given as part of this Website. The link to this other Site properly discusses our view of the Tarot as a necessary statement in religion – discussing the HP Lovecraft Deck of the Tarot as the one system that further defines all other esoteric statements of Tarot divination. Further to that, the Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth welcome all feedback and ideas, and people are more than welcome to get in touch via this e-mail link. As a religious organisation, we are working towards establishing a listing of Lovecraftian religious, artistic or literary organisations on the Internet. If anyone does run such a group, or knows anyone who does, we’d welcome them to get in touch so that we can forward the details necessary to get involved.

The Cult of R’Lyeh are also known as “the Church of the Particle Collider ‘accident’”, and we thank all for their interest in our ongoing religious thought. Cthulhu F’tagn.


Tim Thompson

High Priest for The Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth

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